Curtis Society

Have you considered including the University in your estate or retirement plans? If you are interested in creating a deferred gift in favor of Limestone, the University encourages you to consider the Curtis Society.  

The Society recognizes and honors the generosity of all alumni and friends who have made a planned giving agreement with Limestone, or who have provided for the University in their estate plans.  The Society welcomes a variety of gifts to ensure your legacy lives in perpetuity, continually creating opportunities for generations of future Limestone students.  

For more information about the Curtis Society, please email

Current Curtis Society Member 

If you are a member of the Curtis Society, you already know gift amounts do not have to be disclosed to the University for recognition through the legacy society.    

Estate values fluctuate with the market and estate gifts are revocable at any time, but philanthropic guidelines permit Limestone to report bequest commitments and other deferred gifts, whether revocable or irrevocable, as part of our comprehensive capital campaign gift total.  If you are willing to share an estimate of your current gift for accounting purposes, the University will count your bequest as part of the comprehensive campaign total.  

Your gift will always remain confidential, but your support will be recognized in University publications, and your name will be included on the Curtis Society plaque in the Administration Building.  

Your advocacy of the comprehensive capital campaign plays an important part in encouraging other people who may make a gift to Limestone recognize the value of a long-term commitment to sustaining the University’s mission.  Being able to assure charitable foundations and other donors that alumni and friends of Limestone have made future commitments speaks to the long run viability of the University and increases the potential giving by others.  If you are willing to share with Limestone a confidential update on the current expected value of your gift, please do so below.