Gifts of Stock

You can make a bigger impact by giving stock, particularly stock that has appreciated in value, directly to the University than you could by giving cash.

Making a Gift of Listed Securities to Limestone

When you donate stocks to a charity, you are giving more in terms of value without paying more out-of-pocket.  Your gift is the full market value of the securities on the date of transfer, and you may deduct this amount from your taxable income for federal tax purposes.  Giving appreciated stock is more tax-efficient than cash, and when you donate stocks directly to Limestone neither you nor Limestone will have to pay capital gains tax on the investments.  For more information about determining the value of donated property, see IRS Publication 561.

To learn more about making a gift of securities held with a broker or securities represented by a physical certificate, please email

Why Invest In Limestone?

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Eighty international students from 28 countries are enrolled at Limestone.

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Limestone is one of the largest NCAA Division II athletic programs in the nation that competes in the highly-competitive South Atlantic Conference.

Saints Athletics

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A rich history of over 175 years providing access to higher education.

History of Limestone

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Here are just a few of the incredible reasons why you should invest in Limestone University’s “The Next 175 initiative.”

Why Invest In Limestone?